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let’s make a circle

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on February 1, 2009 by sidhebean

Found my camera! It’s almost 4:00pm here, though, so the light is not good for taking photographs. Tomorrow I will take them and post something. In the meantime, I was reading Martha Marshall’s blog and she was all worried she was losing subscribers because she writes about things other than art. I love Martha’s blog, and I think and artist’s blog mustn’t always be about art, since we are human too and have other things to worry about. Some of my favourite blogs, like Notes from the Vodoo Cafe or Kelly Kilmer’s have been healthily ranting this week about people who huff at them because of the way they do their journals. That’s simply mean. A journal is a personal tool, you can use it however you want (in fact, that’s what I like about RicĂ«’s and Kelly’s. They are simple and yet powerful, because both of them are strong, opinionated women (no offence meant here, I think all women should be opinionated. I try to be myself). And while I am talking about this, let’s not forget other of my favourites, Karin’s Beyond Words, to whom the words above can also apply. There are many more, men and women, you will be knowing about them as I begin to fill my “favourites” roll.
On a more serene note, Martha talked in her last post about some finds, among them the Circle Painting Project. I strongly advise you to go and check their page. See you tomorrow!